The Journey

My journey in the Jewelry world began when I was 6 years old.
I remember that first time I came to the workshop and there were lying down a few gems on my grandfather's desk.
I was immediately fascinated to what I have seen; my eyes were hypnotizing from that view.
It was literally a love from first sight and from that moment I knew that Jewelry making is what I want to do in my life. 

As a young child I always had this dream that I want to be a Jeweler when I grow up.
As a child I used to spend my time in the family workshop whom my grandfather, my dad and my uncle used to work together.
Through the years I have learned goldsmithing and gemology, I have worked as a goldsmith and have played many rules in the family workshop.
Starting from young age have helped me gaining knowledge and collecting experience. I strived to learn every little thing about jewelry and I grew up to realize that this is something I love to do and it has become my passion in life.

The family business was a place with a huge heart and a big soul, it was a place where many people in the industry could learn and develop themselves.

Integrity was in the very core of the business.
See it from the side had thought me a lot and shaped my values.

After a few years break and after finishing my degree in finance I returned to making Jewelry. I have decided to spread my wings and to open my own studio.
I always imagined designs in my head and thinking of new ideas.
Those dreams I wished to turn into reality.
Parallel to opening my place I realized I should learn design in professional way so I went to learn Jewelry design which was the missing part in my toolbox and today this is my main rule in the business.
The journey in the jewelry world is a story that still being written and I am excited about what will come next, I am excited about the new creations and looking foward about what the future will bring.

Quality & personal experience

Our priority was always about the quality.
From the first stage of the idea to each and every step along the process, we always seek to raise the bar to set up a standard of quality with no compromises.
Myself and my team working together, carefully and attentively to the smallest detail, making sure your piece of Jewelry is crafted to perfection.

Along with quality we want to make an unforgeable personal experience.
We believe that the process of purchasing jewelry should be a joyful experience.
We love to hear about our client's jewelry dreams and to turn these dreams into real.
We will carefully guide you through the process of selecting the right stones and materials for your jewelry, and we will make sure you feel comfortable along the way.

My Philosophy

 I always had this thought about jewelry making that it is all about ''one love'' - we give jewelry to the ones we love and as for myself it is the one love passion in my life.

Jewelry is more than just the sparkle and the shine.
Jewels are our story tellers, they have a strong meaning, they define us and show who we are, they symbolize the special moments in our lives, and most of all they express LOVE.
The biggest force of life is LOVE and that’s why my goal is not just to deliver another beautiful piece of jewelry but I wish to pass the motion and the feeling that comes with the making of it.
I desire to deliver the LOVE that comes with the Jewelry.